Will SQLskills IEPTO2 Class make me a better DBA? IT DEPENDS!

I’ve been working with SQL Server for about 2 years now and in those 2 years, one of the most important things I did was make www.sqlskills.com one of the pages that automatically open when I launch Chrome. Also, signed up for the SQLskills newsletter. The wealth of information available on SQLskills website is astounding, helping even a beginner DBA such as I find a way around SQL Server to the ultimate stability, performance and user satisfaction.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch several presentations by Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp through various PASS videos and Pluralsight courses. They’re always very informative, easy to follow and understand and after each presentation, I was able to get back to work and make immediate improvements based on what I’ve learned.

Having learned that this year, SQLskills is doing a competition to win a seat in one of their famous Performance Tuning and Optimization classes, I knew it was time to get to writing. I’ve mentioned the fact that Paul and Kim are great presenters, which is why I’d love to attend this 5-day event. That’s plenty of time to learn a lot of valuable information on SQL Performance Tuning that I know will be usable as soon as I get back.

It would provide me an opportunity to learn not just how to fix the problems that occur every day, but also explain why they occur. I feel like I would gain better understanding of the Ins and Outs of SQL server and am able to explain the issues I fix them, not just simply fix them. Sometimes the fixes don’t work, and knowing the background of an issue and how SQL Server got there in the first place allows you to find a new way to fix the problem.

My favorite kinds of problems are the ones that aren’t obvious. The ones that disguise themselves as a simple issue, but when you go to fix it, you go down this endless rabbit hole from which is very difficult to come out of. The kinds of problems that after a bit of research make you go A HA! It’s not THIS! It’s THAT! SQLskills site is full of scripts and helpful documents which have given me this knowledge before, and I can only imagine that a 5-day performance tuning event will be all that plus much more. I would be a great honor and a treat to attend this class, but there is a catch!

So the question is: Will the IEPTO2 Class taught by SQLskills make me a better DBA? It depends if I win! And If I don’t, you should try! Go here to learn more about the competition. Good luck!

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