My name is Vedran Ikonic and I’m a Database Administrator over at TMW Systems, based out of Mayfield Heights, OH. I’ve been a DBA for about a year and it’s been an incredible journey thus far. The purpose of this blog is to share this journey with you, share some of the SQL knowledge I’ve gathered along the way and have some fun.


My family and I moved to the USA in 2002, coming from the war-torn and economically shattered Balkan region,  in hopes to start a new life, a better life.

I’ve always had affinity for computers. What started of as mostly gaming and fun, eventually turned into assembling my own computers, fixing them, making web pages, doing graphics design, modeling and many many other things. If there was even a spark of interest in a particular subject, I would promise myself to learn as much as I could about it in a short amount of time.

Work Experience

After graduating college with BS in Computer Information Systems, I’ve started working for a local custom PC builder, which was my first serious entry into the IT world. I was able to take my skills I had at that time to a whole new, professional level. It allowed me to eventually become a Systems Administrator where I felt pretty comfortable up until recently.

It was time to move to the next level and that’s when I reached out to TMW Systems. One thing lead to another and now I’m writing a Database Administration blog, something I’ve never thought about before. This career change has been a blessing in disguise, I’ve met many new friends, mentors and extremely smart people. It wasn’t an easy transition, but it wasn’t very hard either. It took some motivation, certainly a lot of learning and studying, but it’s getting better and better each day.

With that in mind, I’m hoping to share the knowledge I’ve gathered so far via this blog. If you’d like to connect with me socially, you can find me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter (@iconic_dba) or shoot me an email at iconicdba@gmail.com. You can also use the Contact page to get in touch with me via the blog.

Thanks for reading!